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"Shifting Focus: Organizing for an EcoSocialist Future"

Join us Live In-Person or Livestream on May 13, 2023 | 2:00pm, EST to present the Gandhi Peace Award to Kali Akuno

Promoting Enduring Peace awards Kali Akuno and Cooperation Jackson for work creating a Solidarity Economy in Jackson, MS & for Akuno's Ecosocialist advocacy

Celebrate Live Ceremony
Promoting Enduring Peace
Honors - 2023 Gandhi Peace Award to Kali Akuno co-founder, Cooperation Jackson,
Mississippi, U.S.

Celebrate with Promoting Enduring Peace – to Proudly Present the

2023 Gandhi Peace Award

to Kali Akuno co-founder,
Cooperation Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Join Promoting Enduring Peace in Honoring Kali Akuno
Livestream / In-person for The 2023 Gandhi Peace Award Ceremony

Livestream / Live Event May 13, 2023  Gandhi Peace Award Ceremony 
to Honor Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson

zoom livestream at:
In-Person Event at:
Saturday, May 13, 2023 2:00pm EST
197 Dixwell Avenue

New Haven, CT 06511

Live Music by Michael Mills, "Rhythms from the Heart" Free Admission & Refreshments.

Kali Akuno

Promoting Enduring Peace Bestows The 2023 Gandhi Peace Award to
Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson

Join Us Live for the 2023 Gandhi Peace Award Ceremony, honoring Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson.

Kali Akuno Cooperation Jackson

The 2023 Gandhi Peace Award ceremony will be held both via Livestream and In-person on May 13, 2023 at 2:00pm EST.

Promoting Enduring Peace is proud to present the 2023 Gandhi Peace Award to Kali Akuno, the co-founder and co-director of Cooperation Jackson, an organization based in Jackson, Mississippi that promotes economic democracy, community ownership, and sustainable development.

Akuno has been a tireless advocate for social and economic justice, and his work with Cooperation Jackson has been an inspiration to many.

Akuno with Cooperation Jackson, is being honored with The 2023 Gandhi Peace Award, for work in developing a Solidarity Economy in Jackson, Mississippi, with their efforts to contain everyday crises in Jackson, and the visionary ideas on the need for an Ecosocialist solutions to climate and environmental emergencies.

The 2023 Gandhi Peace Award recipient is based on Akuno’s work with Cooperation Jackson in building a more sustainable community and equitable economy in Jackson, Mississippi.

Cooperation Jackson is a Black-led semi-autonomous community based in Jackson, Mississippi, with a visionary “Jackson-Kush Plan” to build Black autonomy throughout the U.S. South and eventually challenge and replace the current political and economic systems with a new system rooted in collective self-governance, land reclamation, self-organized community care, food sovereignty, mutual aid, community-controlled production, cooperative and solidarity economics, and ecological regeneration through its People’s Network for Land and Liberation.

Founded in Jackson, Mississippi in 2013, Cooperation Jackson worked to foster a solidarity economy in the city anchored by a network of cooperatives and worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises. Promoting Enduring Peace supports Cooperation Jackson's model and we believe in their abilities to keep flourishing in Jackson, MS and beyond.

Cooperation Jackson is a grassroots organization that seeks to create a solidarity economy that is based on principles of peace, equity, and cooperation.

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Promoting Enduring Peace – The Gandhi Peace Award

In 1960, the first Gandhi Peace Award was accepted by Eleanor Roosevelt and has been presented in person to “Peace Heroes" who have exemplified to the members of Promoting Enduring Peace the courage of nonviolent resistance to abusive power, armed conflict, violent oppression, and environmental negligence.

The Award is also intended to recognize individuals for having made significant contributions, through cooperative and non-violent means in the spirit of Gandhi, to the struggle to achieve a sustainable world civilization founded on enduring international peace.

Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now the 2015 recipient of Promoting Enduring Peace  - Gandhi Peace Award

Amy Goodman of Democracy NOW - 2015 Gandhi Peace Award Recipient

The Gandhi Peace Award is a prestigious award given annually to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the promotion of peace and nonviolence. Previous recipients include Martin Luther King Jr., César Chávez, Ralph Nader, Daniel Ellsberg, Bill McKibben, Amy Goodman and now we are excited to add Kali Akuno to this esteemed list.

Promoting Enduring Peace

Our mission is “Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth". At Promoting Enduring Peace we look to stave off wars, and to prevent the despoiling of the Earth by environmental destruction.

We give out the major peace prize, the Gandhi Peace Award, to provide a major public forum to a person or peawarsons doing vital peace, human rights or environmental work.

We've taken part in numerous conferences and presentations bringing together like-minded groups to discuss issues like the CIA, nuclear power, the NYC climate march, the Green New Deal and Beyond, and Revive the Peace Movement, to name a few.

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